Chia Factory enables anyone to generate Chia plots without investing in a hardware rig or grind their home/work computer disks. Simply create a new order using your public keys and wait for it to finish plotting. Once the plot is downloaded, move it to the folder where you save plots and the Chia app should automatically detect new plots. Our mission is to make farming XCH as easy as possible.

We're not affiliated with Chia Network Inc. CHIA NETWORK INC, CHIA™, the CHIA BLOCKCHAIN™, the CHIA PROTOCOL™, CHIALISP™ and the “leaf Logo” (including the leaf logo alone when it refers to or indicates Chia), are trademarks or registered trademarks of Chia Network, Inc., a Delaware corporation.


Chia Factory founder Sebastjan Trepca, Founder
Into tech, startups and cryptography. Built products that reached 150M customers.

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