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Contact us if you have any issues or requests at
Average response times are 1 hour, max 24 hours.


How do I place my order?

Once you log in, click the Buy Plots button. Then use the slider bar or the quick selection boxes to select the number of plots you’d like to buy, enter your farmer key, select the type of plot you’d like to order and enter its relevant pool public key or contract address, select the download location nearest to you and proceed with your payment.

We currently accept cards, PayPal and various crypto currencies. You can choose to pay in USD, GBP and EUR.

Once your order is paid for, the plotting will start. Time to plot provides you with an estimate on how long it will take. You will receive an email with a download URL for each plot that you purchase. You can also check the status of your order(s) in the Your Orders page.

How will my Chia Factory purchases show in my statement?

Your purchases will show in your payment method statement as Chia Factory, Preimage Ltd or similar.

Where do I find my farmer and pool public keys?

Instructions for Mac OS X

There are commands available in /Applications/ To see your keys type this in terminal:

cd /Applications/

./chia keys show

Instructions for Windows 10

Run the PowerShell, replace [your version] with the Chia app version you're running and run:

cd ~\AppData\Local\Chia-Blockchain\app-[your version]\resources\app.asar.unpacked\daemon\

.\chia.exe keys show

Instructions for Linux/CLI

Run terminal/shell

cd [where you cloned chia-blockchain git repo]
. ./activate
chia keys show

How do I find my pool contract address?

You will need to have about 100 mojos in your Chia wallet in order to join your selected Chia pool. If you don't have them, go to and send 100 mojos to your wallet address.

Once you’ve confirmed you have the required mojos in your wallet:

  1. Create a Chia pool NFT by running this command:
chia plotnft create -u <selected_pool_url> -s pool
  1. Wait for the command to finish.
  2. Check that everything is ok by running:
chia plotnft show
  1. If everything is ok, you should see a pool contract address which starts with xch.

Note: 1 mojo = 1 trillionth of a XCH

How long does it take to create 1 plot?

Approximately 7 hours. We use Chia plotting library and are constantly optimizing this time.

We are also experimenting with MadMax plotter and will integrate it soon.

Can I order more than 100 plots?

Yes. You can have up to ten active orders of 100 plots each at any one time. Check Your Orders to review their status.

If I order multiple plots, are they generated sequentially or in parallel?

Each user gets a specific number of plotters allocated and they plot in parallel. The number of plotters assigned to you depends on the number of plots you've ordered. Check our Pricing for more information.

As per our Terms of Use, the number of plotters allocated to your order(s) is not guaranteed.

If I place multiple orders, how will plotting be done?

Plotting is done progressively to allow you to download plots and subsequently resume plotting. Typically, plotters are assigned to process one order at a time, however if the size of the order or its remaining plots is smaller than the number of plotters allocated to you, the excess available plotters will be assigned to work on any of your additional orders.

Please note that a plotter can create one plot at a time and the number of plotters assigned to you depends on the plots you've ordered as described in our Pricing page.

What does the traffic light system next to each server location mean?

It represents the availability of plotters in the server.

  • Green - Plotters are available to plot within 5 minutes.
  • Yellow - There is limited availability of plotters; plotting by one or more of your allocated plotters may be delayed a few hours.
  • Red - There are no plotters available; plotting may be delayed a number of hours.

My location does not match any of the download server locations you offer. Is there anything I can do to improve my connection speed to your servers?

The download server location you choose when placing your order is the one where your plots will be created and stored for you to download. We also use CDN which ensures stable deliverability. There are a few things you can do to improve your connection speed:

  1. Choose the server location that is geographically nearest to you.
  2. Click on the speed test link next to the server of your choice to test your bandwith.
  3. You may want to consider using a fast VPN. NordVPN offers a free trial: that you can try to test your bandwith.

If you would like us to consider your location for future server location expansion, please email us with your suggestion.

What is the connection speed of your servers?

Our combined network of servers can do around 30Gbps, and these are allocated based on how many parallel plotters they get. Each plot gets a 128 Mbit/s bandwidth allocation and this scales with number of parallel plotters/order size.

We are also integrated with a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to improve our deliverability even further.

How can I test my download speed from your servers?

You can test your download speed from each of our servers from the "Select your nearest download locations" section in the "Buy Plots" page. Simply click on the speed test link next to the download location of your choice.

How long are plots available for download?

Once a plot has been published, you have 7 days to download it before it gets deleted automatically by our system. We do this to efficiently use our data storage.

How do I download my plots?

In order to download a plot, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account, click the Your Orders page and select an order in status “Running” or "Published".
  2. You have two options to download your plots.
  1. In the “Active plots” section, find a published plot. If none available, wait until you have one.
  2. Select your Operating System (OS) and follow the on-screen instructions.
  1. In the “Active plots” section, find a published plot. If none available, wait until you have one.

  2. Click the "Get a download link" to start downloading the plot and wait until finished.

  3. Check the plot is imported correctly into your farm.

  4. Mark it as downloaded.

  5. Delete it by clicking on the trash icon to release the plotter.

    Note: If you click the download URL in the published plot email notification, simply follow the instructions from step 3 above to get your plot.

Is it possible to automate downloading my order?

Yes, simply use our default "Download plots using a download manager" option available within your ready-for-download order.

Your order has plots ready for download when its status is either “Running” or “Published” and in the “Active Plots” section of your order there is at least one plot with status “Published”.

Alternatively, you may use one of the following download managers:

Where can I find advanced settings for your download manager?

You can find the configuration documents at:

How do I install the chia-blockchain?

For instructions on how to install the chia-blockchain, please visit:

How do I import the downloaded plots to my farm?

Chia GUI instructions

  1. Sign in using your existing key.
  2. Go to the "Plots" tab.
  3. Click on "Add Plot Directory" which shows either below "Add a Plot" or within the kebab menu (the 3 vertical dots menu) next to it.
  4. Select the location where your downloaded plots are.

CLI instructions

Replace [your path to downloaded plots] with the location where your downloaded plots are stored.

Run chia plots add -d /[your path to downloaded plots]

Where can I find the chia-blockchain CLI commands?

You can find those at:

Where can I find additional information about the chia-blockchain?

We suggest that you review the following websites for more in-depth information about the Chia Network including blogs, news, beginners guides, installation instructions and much more:

I made a mistake when providing my public keys and/or pool contract address, can you change them?

We can update your keys and/or contract address for any plots that have not yet been created. Please contact us including your order # and the correct keys and/or contract address you'd like to use.

I am getting an “invalid plot” message. What do I do?

If you are using the Chia app, please confirm that you are using the latest version (latest version is available here), if not, please update it. Then restart your computer, re-log in and check your plots again.

If the issue persists or you are not using the Chia app, please run chia plots check in command line and email us the relevant logs.

I get a "Maximum parallel plotters reached..." message. What does it mean? My other plots are on hold!?

This means plotting is on hold for other plots that are not currently active. Because resources are limited, we allocate a specific number of plotters to each user across all orders.

In order to release a plotter, please do the following:

  1. Once you log in, go to Your Orders and select the relevant order.
  2. In the “Active plots” section, find a published plot. If none available, wait until you have one.
  3. Click the "Get a download link" to start downloading the plot and wait until finished.
  4. Check the plot is imported correctly into your farm.
  5. Mark it as downloaded.
  6. Delete it by clicking on the trash icon to release the plotter.

For orders with more than 3 plots, we strongly recommend that you use our default download manager option which automates the full download process of your order. You can find more information about this option within the order details page.

I had plots to download that have disappeared. Where are they?

Once a plot has been published, you have 7 days to download it before it gets deleted by our system. We do this to efficiently use our data storage.

If it hasn’t been 7 days since your plot was published, please contact us including as many details as you can.

I'm having problems syncing my Chia node. Can you help?

Please refer to our Public Chia Node page for instructions on how to resolve these issues.

I found a bug, where can I report it?

We are sorry to hear you found a problem. Please contact us including as many details and error logs (if applicable) as you can.

What if something goes wrong?

Please check our common errors troubleshooting within this FAQ. If you are not able to find what you are looking for, please contact us including as many details and error logs (if applicable) as you can.

Do you offer refunds?

We may offer you a refund on any non-downloaded plots if:

  • Your download speed is less than 5Mbit and we can't help improve it.
  • After placing your order, plotting does not start within a reasonable time.
  • You contact us to cancel your order within 6 hours of placing it.

Do you have an API?

Yes, you can find it at: Our website uses this API, but it’s not possible to buy new plots purely through API yet.

Do you have a token?

No, we’re focusing on providing a great plotting service.

Can you access my XCH using my public keys?

No, we cannot. Transactions can be signed with private key only. Rest assured we take security seriously and will do our best to protect any data you share with us.

Do you use cookies?

We use GA tracking cookies to understand how well we are doing. We also use local storage and cookies for authentication and fraud prevention (i.e. cookies by our payment partners).

What is your privacy policy?

Our privacy policy is available here.

Who are you?

We are big fans of Chia and want to make it easy for anyone to participate in farming XCH. Check About for more information.